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Book 1 "Aldebaran Dark Decent"

Enter the world of Aldebaran

and follow Athorirlan as he perilously 

travels the land of Ehragoth 

What if the world as you know it was a lie?


Athorirlan first of a new generation of the Ortus, an ancient race of humans. He learns that he is the first in nearly a hundred years to posses the traits of his ancestors from generations past. He soon finds that he is caught up in a world of treachery and deceit. The world he knew was based on lies and one major cover up, the Tantus Malum.

The Tantus Malum invaded his home land and nearly conquered the whole world. They left behind them a legacy of turmoil, grief, death and a very old religion. Now they have arisen once more from the aid of an evil necromancer named Melcium, an anti-priest of the forgotten ways of Pravus the god of death.

It is up to Athorirlan to defeat Melcium and stop the necromancer from resurrecting the Tantus Malum. His adventures will take him from his home land of Ehragoth in the Great Divide to nearly the end of the known world. Only to find that his journeys will not stop there and his destiny has only just begun.

Map of the Northern Continent.

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