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12/19/08 Happy Holidays From William OConnor

December 19, 2008

Hello to all whom is reading this,

    Its been quite a while since I've blogged and better yet since I've worked on my book. As you may or may not know I have been doing this mostly while at work when we are not busy. [IE that means from 10pm to 1230am]

Granted I pick up the occational Supervisor escalation then but it was ok a few months ago. I think some where our subscribers got the mix up and decided not to call during huricane season and have decided that Novemeber and December would be a much better monthly calender to call and keep us in queue on.

     Any way. Its slowed down some and I've been eagerly awaiting a chance to work on the book again. My newest update the the main characters page. I have gotten alot more detail oriented on who is who and where they belong in the world. I think you will like it much better than before. I know I do.

       Happy Holidays to all.

Merry Christ-MA-Hana-Kwanzika!!!!... :-)


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Congratulations President Elect; Senator Barac Obama

November 4, 2008


Tags: barac obama, congratulations president elect, president obama

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Things are looking good!

September 25, 2008

09/25/2008 1610hrs

      Hello again.

     Im excited to say I have made a good head way into getting the site up to how I like it. I'm having to do a lot of HTML coding but, all is well. I hope to continue writing and have the book finished by Christmas time. I will keep you all posted. Right now I have a little over 35,0000 words and whole lot more to go.

   Good bye for now. Cheers!




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And going

September 23, 2008

09/23/08  2038hrs

      Hello again. Ive gone back on and made minor changes. Building this pre-template acct has proven to be more difficult than i thought. I think i would have been better off doing it in HTML then loading the codex over. Ohhh well any way.  Fun time.   :-) 


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A site in Progress

September 21, 2008

09/20/08 1421hrs

Hello again,

      Its sunday afternoon and im outside on a bright sunny day in front of my apartment working on my next part of this website. My daugher is downstairs playing with a few of the kids that live in the complex.

     Today I have added a few editions to the website. I have posted the main characters and given the my opening statement on why I chose the name of this book. I have just reciently became aware that there is a comic book that uses the name in the title. I may have to make a few changes. I hope not. I have been working on this book since 1999. In fact my world map drawings were made on the calendar I used when i did corporate security.

Any way, Im signing off now. More to come

Ta-Ta for now.



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The Creation of Aldebaran

September 19, 2008

09/19/08 2025hrs 

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first entry on this site. It has taken me a long time to try and put this book together. Well Im putting it out on the internet. I wont give you the whole book, but think of this as an advertisement from a commercial. A teaser trailer if you will.

 Right now im just putting the pages together and getting the site right to my likings...what fun...:-)

I hope you all enjoy.

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