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King of the Mid Lands

House Vallenhart


King Jason Vallenhart first of his name, Son of Michael the mad king, Ruler of the Kanadon, King of the Amber Sea, self proclaimed ruler of the realm, First born of four brothers,

-his wife, Queen Cathleen of House Stewart,

-their son, Jason II, heir to the throne boy of 12 years,

-their daughter, Branwynn, girl of 9 years,

-Fiona nurse maid and tutor, lady of 20 years,

-squire Tornce of House Dragonsmane, a ward of Kanadon, son to Lord Vincent Duke and ruler of Wyvrensdale,

-other squires of the house not wards, Fayde Cuthald and Doyle Smithe “Bean” former street urchin and beggar,

-his family paternal

-his brother, Prince Maxwell Willard, Lord of Windfall, First brother to the King, second born of four, Prince of the Southeastern Territories,

-wife to 1st brother, Brittany of House McCall Daughter of Lord Mathew McCall of Pa’Dupre.

-their daughters Lisa Marie, girl of 7 years and Whitney, girl of 6 years,

-his brother, Prince Walter, Lord of Darynwood, Second brother to the King, third born of four, Prince of the Western Territories,

-wife to 2nd brother, Sara, of House Wayland, Daughter of Baron Douglas Wayland of Waylands Keep.

-their son Marcus, boy of 6 years, heir to the Western Territories

-his nurse maid and tutor, LeeAnna lady of 18 years

-his servant, Maester Archibald,

-his brother, Prince Lee, Lord of Kensington: third brother to the King, fourth born of four. Lord Knight Lieutenant General to the King. The prince has no heir and is single at this time.

-his Royal Guard [“the Blood Sworn”]

-Lord Knight Captain Commander – Yardon Kovac, boy hood friend to the king, Commander of the Kings Royal Guard,

-Lord Knight Captain – Tarn Borland, officer of the kings royal guard, some times called the “Hawk” for his keen perceptions.

-Lord Knight Lieutenant – Aryan Talus, officer of the kings royal guard, sworn to protect the king at all costs, 1st son of the small Noble House of Talus, Surrogate father to Ser Arlund Windmere;

Knight of the Crown – Ser Arlund Windmere, peasant born child, both of his parents died defending their village from a raiding party, at age five sold as a servant boy, for two years he did the bidding of his owner with out question for fear of retribution, at age seven Arlund met then, Ser Talus a noble knight whom then took him as a page freeing him from his captor; Trained as a ward of the king he now serves as the knight of the crown.

-his Council of Elders

-the Aegis [or the kings power] ******* ,

-his Magistrate, *********** maker of laws,

-his Justicar, Lord ******** the kings enforcer,

-his Tithe Maester ****** keeper of coins and all things commerce,

-his Maester of Alchemy ******

-his Maester shipwright Eube,

-his Master of Ceremonies, Master Carmichael, Royal Advisor for Festivities and knowledge for King Jason.

-his court retainers,

-his loyal retainers of other houses,

Lord Stefan Kindon

Lord Toramar Dorann of Dorann:

Lady Brahmin Sholom

Baron Ashard Coramar of Tu’Lan

Baron James Stewart of Castlemane

-wife Zoë daughter of Thetas Laconia

Lady Michelle Richards of Port City:

Duke Vincent Dragonsmane of Wyvernsdale


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Lord Mathew McCall of Pa’Dupre, father to Brittany married to the 1st Prince,

-his wife, Lady Remora, daughter of Vorameir Lord of Castle Nightstar, liege of King Voltan


-the City Watch [“the Crimson Cross”]

-Watch Commander- Krellus, Administrator and Commander of the City Watch, originator of “the Crimson Cross”, former priest turned warrior one fated night whose cross turned crimson, the color of blood after the battle for his life and town, Also known as “the Blood Priest” or “the Scourge of Kanadon”,

-Watch Captain- ******, second to the commander, ensures the peace in the city and order of the “Watch”,

-members of the city watch include, Hans, Match, Yar, Neen, Ref, Dax, Warl, Cort, Pogo, Quin, Tral, Sorl, Aken

-others of the city

-master of the quarter

-master of songs “ bard”

-mistress of the brothel

-master of the hunt Terry Gibson

House banner is a Golden Battle Axe embedded on an crowned emblazon heart. Colors are Red of blood and gold of royalty.







The Kings Eye

the Principality Darynwood

Prince Walter, Lord of Darynwood, Second brother to the King, third born of four, Prince of the Western Territories

wife Sara, of House Wayland, Daughter of Baron Douglas Wayland of Waylands Keep.

Loyal Retainers of the Prince,

Baron Douglas Wayland of Waylands Keep


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Duke Christopher Longfellow of Wrenmor: Lord of Wrenmor


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House banner is a Golden Battle Axe embedded on an crowned emblazon heart. Colors are Red of blood and gold of royalty.

King of the Lake

Noble house of Eikar


King Voltan Eikar, First of his name, fifth generation of Eikar family rulers, Styles himself King of the Lake, Son of Volgar the Serpent Sword.


loyal retainers of the King of the Lake,

Zebulon Belor: High Wizard of Castle Nightstar; Council to the King and friend to Grand Master Viscount Titus Aeolis Magnus.

Vorameir Grenfeylor: Chancellor and Lord of Castle Nightstar. Father to Lady Remora, Father in law to Lord Matthew of Pa’Dupre.

Grand Master Viscount Titus Aeolis Magnus: A hermit, now known as the Forest Walker whom has been forsaken by the gods. Keeper of the Citadel in the Sky.


houses on isle:



sworn swords




House family banner is white and yellow on blue with the trident piercing through a crown on a wave.

King of the Mistmoon Forest

Noble house of Nevan


King Remic Nevan, first of his name, third generation ruler, self proclaimed king of the Mistmoon Forest and King of the West, Ruler of Nevernal and the famed Knights of Nevernal


house hold staff

Master Orahmon Sage and Royal Advisor native of the people of the forest.

Father Aarlon Flannery Spiritual Leader and mentor,

Master of Ceremonies-Master Wren Robers, Royal advisor for Festivities and Herald for the king

-the Judge – Zon Champion of King Remic, known as “the Kings Judgement”, Zon acts in the kings word and only his; he seems to be a person of little opinion, very few are around him other than the king, if the judge has come to you pray to your god!


Knights of Nevernal, Famed Champions of Ehragoth

Ser Kendall Alturas

Ser Arlund Windmere

Ser Glenn Tulsan

Ser Payter Tarsus

Ser Jordan Nash

Ser Luc Lacroix

Ser Udi Brybak

Ser Sorin Eradakos

Loyal Retainers of the King of the West

Baron Corgrim Durthencourt of Durthencourt:


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Baron Charles Dubios of Windfall


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Viscount Harrod Alturas of Alturas


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Viscount Lordreth Vanarsdale of Vanarsdale:


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House family banner is trimmed with green and brown, with a crowned stag reeling on hinds in front of a tree,

Nobles of the Confederated Territories

King of the Confederated Territories

Noble House of Winters


Prime Minister Everett Winters, First of his name, eldest of two, Ruler of Kensington, Prime Minister of the North or the Confederated Territories, Also known as “the Ice King” sole guardian of the twins,

-his brother Robert died at the age of twenty three along with his wife of 4 years, survived by his two children,

-his wife Jaya, taken in the night, passed during child birth

-his twin sons, presumed dead,

-his niece Star-Lynn the twin, young woman of 16 years, trained in the arts of magic,

-his nephew Van-Hayden the other twin, young man of 16 years, expert swordsman and tactician,

-his Vice-Roy Zander Veers, Second in command to the Prime Minister,

-his personal body guard Thorban, former clans man of the Akuna tribe member of the Arakiak,

Loyal Retainers

Lord Lisle Wardenfeld, second of his name, Lord of his manor, vassal of Prime Minister Winters


house hold staff

bannerman n knights


Lord Kraven Feybruek, first of his name, vassal being disputed by the “Three Kings”


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House family banner is the blue crown of the ice king and the shooting star of the north, on a symbolic silver shield with blue and white trimming.


Other Houses Noble and Small

House Failor

Baroness Chianna, Baroness of Failor, one of two female rulers in the realm, Chianna known as the “Falcon” terms her self the “Falcon in the Middle” as the Kings of the East and West fight for her vassalage,


house hold staff

bannerman n knights


House Kordenfeld

Duke Rygar, third of his name, Ruler of Kordenfeld, Takes no part in the dispute of the “Three Kings”, Lord of the Pirates Bay, Keep of the second biggest fleet in the realm,


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House Laconia

Duke Thetas Laconia – Ruler of Laconia


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House Dardorf

Narew Dardorf – duke of dardorf


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House Alten-Grad

Magistrate Detter Alten-Grad


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

House Surwin

Lord Surwin


house hold staff

bannerman n knights

Family of Athorirlan:

Vigo Adamantios: Adopted Father of Athorirlan, Smithy to the town of Surwin.

Bree Adamantios: Adopted Mother of Athorirlan, Seamstress / Tailor to the town of Surwin.

Athorirlan Adamantios: Adopted Son to Vigo and Bree brother to Tristan and unborn baby Amberly or Adon. The Last Source Ranger?

Tristan Adamantios: 1st Born Son to Vigo and Bree brother to Athorirlan. Unaware that his brother is not of his blood.

Mr. Vetussero: Mysterious old apothecary. Not much is know about him. He lives in the small town of Surwin.

Nuri a young woman of 19 years, a gypsy traveler from the Cyrian empire.

Khalid a young man of 21 years, a gypsy, brother of Nuri, also a traveler from the Cyrian Empire.



Border Sentries of the Great Divide

The Kurata Soturi or the Dirty Warriors

Kurata Soturi – so named for the dangerous and often dirty job they so rigorously perform day in and day out. A highly paid rag tag band of men often from poor or lesser than noble families above and below the wall. Second largest army of the lands next to that of House Vallenhart, formally trained and uniformed warriors, who's main purpose is keep anyone from coming or going through the great divide with out pass or leave of higher nobles of the land.

Commandant –

Major - 2nd highest ranking officer at the border. The rank is split by two members of the sentry. One of the Mid Lands the other from the Cyrian Empire. Thusly allowing for proper rule over both cultures.

Other noted ranks are as follows: Four Captians; Four Lieutenants; Six Sergeant’s and Twelve corporals.





*********Border City*********



Located at the southern most point between the Mistmoon Mountains and the Marble Mountains; Border city is constructed with in the border wall that spans nearest four hundred and fifty miles with sub cities every fifty miles and sub check points every twenty-five miles; spanning from mountain edge to mountain edge. Border City is the only city in the continent that could be considered neutral. As it has no one particular kingdom backing it, it makes it the most unique place on the continent.

There is only one person wholly in charge; that person is known as the Commandant. The commandant is chosen by a selection of highest ranking officers serving at the border. He is chosen by a two to three vote and stays in office for five years at a time. This ensures there is no usurping or ability to gain extra influence other than what the position entitles.

Once the commandant retires from his post after five years he can stay on in the border as a non sentry in a pure consultant status or like most before him retire to either side of the border as he or she chooses with a small land grant as a thank you from the King or lord of that realm.




Kingdom of the Underground

The Thief River Falls Guild

Clan of the Iron Claw the notorious band of thieves and brigands that plague the Mid Lands, if there is information to be had you can count that they would know for a price!

-Guild Master Wei Yung Li “Slick Willie” or “Will Young” , First of his name, newest guild leader of the Thief River Falls Guild. “Clan of the Iron Claw” comes from the Kingdom of Xiao Qwan Chin, Deserter of the Dungkar society of Bantiens. relatively unknown to the Mid Lands where he is only known by his nick name, Save his two underlings no one else knows of where he hails,

-his second in command or “the Hand” Malachi, Orphaned as a young boy, man of 20 years, adept at surviving in the most rural and extreme areas, brutal back alley brawler, known for his aggressive nature and his willing to follow through with this threats

-his lieutenant Jerivo, supposedly the son of a noble man but he would never disclose the family, loyal and trust worthy only to the guild master, Jerivo has served as lieutenant for two guild masters, as his first act of loyalty 15 years ago he stole a child whom he has raised as his own, older man of 30 years, some say he is the man behind the mask and runs the guild.

-his enforcers Niles and Grimly, Niles is a brutal young man of 19 years, ran away from home when he was 12 to find a better life than farming, he has been in the employ of the Clan for several years now and has made his way up to enforcer, Grimly, a tall gothic like young man of 20 years often paired with Niles, other wise known as one person Niles Grimly as they each compliment ones talents, what one has the other lacks

-Thalas, known as the “Swift foot”, bastard son of the former ruler of the Iron Claw Rouges Guild. Rouge of 20 years, believes he should be the rightful ruler of the guild, wants Will Young out of the picture, will do what is in his best interests to make it happen.

-the pockets,

Peter, young boy of 12, newest member of the clan left home just reciently, learner of the bump and go,

Samuel, young boy of 13, young learner of the pass off

Renny , young boy of 13, young learner of the pass off

Thar, young boy of 15, stolen as a baby by Jerivo and raised as his son, Jerivo has told Thar that his parents left him for dead as they thought he was malformed, Thar aspires to be the next guild master

Their banner is gray on black trimmed in red, the hand of *****holding a bloody dagger.










The practice and belief of Pravus


Philosophy: Deism


[the belief in an "absentee" god, i.e., one who long ago set things in motion but thereafter left it alone.]


Practice: Worshipers of Pravus are viewed as Demonic. The followers congregate in an Idol Temple where they brought before

Sacrificial: It is not uncommon for the devout to make a sacrifice to their god. The sacrifice could be as humble as a small animal to that of a person, a virgin, a person of high stature. The greater the sacrifice the better the blessing from Pravus.

Structure: There are five levels of priesthood as listed below, All Tantus Malum practice the belief of Pravus and have incorporated it into there society, organization and hierarchy, all beings of the Tantus Malum want to attain the level of Pontifex in hopes they can become the next tribune

Conclave- Council of elders of the Tantus Malum, all of whom were once tribunes and pontifexs' once the council convenes they report to the overseer whom then reports directly to the emperor.

Tribune- runs a region and reports back to the Conclave

Pontifex- highest member of preisthood for Pravus

Justicar- hand of Pravus, when attained the priest is granted access to the source of all,

Inquisitor- priest of Pravus, holds an offical rank of power and can put the a king to trial for being a heretic and blasphemer.


Pryor- Lowest form of priest, followers who blindly serve and spread the word of Pravus throughout the lands, new priests are trained by justicars to ensure proper recognition of beliefs

Plebeian- faithful follower seeking to become a priest.

The Arakiak Horde

Scourge of the Midlands

Arakiak – a viciously mangled and mutated form of man and bovine. Giants of their own kind, made of unknown origins, standing in at a minimum of nine and a half feet and weighing just under five hundred pounds, they are hot tempered savage race of beings who devour all that stand in their way. Until recently they were presumed killed off from the last great war.

Three clans of the Arakiak currently walk the Midlands.

The Gaak

Chief – Durthghulgog, son of Durhtghulgar successor of the clan Gaak, defeated the “Blob” Verlibgab named for his enormous size even for an Arakiak, former clan chief. Has only three mates to his litter, with seven offspring of all ages.

The Zogung

Chief – Zogungolwaz, third generation chief of his clan, son of Zogungverbac the beast, has seven mates to fill his litter, each mate has no less than two offspring.

The Thorgab

Chief is Thungrabab the Pumpkin smasher, named for his ferocity in battle and his coined battle finish, smashing heads like pumpkins, his favorite weapon is the double headed war maul named XXXX, is a first generation Arakiak chief of his clan, former clansman of the Gaak, third brother of the cousin to clan chief Durthghulgog, has only one mate with no offspring, currently contending for the Over Chief mantle to run all clans.

Melcium the Harbringer: Pontifex of Pravus. Former Tribune, a Tantus Malum of great age, Rumored to have been granted immortality, Presently Over Chief of the Arakiak,

-his bodyguard, Galandus, believed dead, also a Tantus Malum

Gothandar: Twin brother to Athorirlan; servant to Melcium the Tantus Malum Pontifex.


The practice and belief of As' a'rasm Ram'ak


Philosophy: Deism


[the belief in an "absentee" god, i.e., one who long ago set things in motion but thereafter left it alone.]

Noted Followers: The Dunkgar: In the old tounge the word means black birds with red beaks. Taken from the saying the birds will redden there beaks off the prey of the dead bodies.

Bantien Underground guild of highly skilled monks that have trained all their life to battle all that is Pravus and his followers.. From babes they are raised mostly those who are orphaned or given for adoption are taken to the guild for life long training.

Belief of Faith: Worshipers of As' a'rasm Ram'ak believe in enlightenment; or the path to achieving a stage in which the mind is in a state of pure soundness of mind. By following a certain way of life; Followers believe the body and spirit is made up of energy called the source; it is the existence of all things living and inanimate; it is every thing and nothing.. Once one has achieved the path of enlightenment only then can they transcend and become one with As' a'rasm Rama'ak. Only when one has achieved this path can one truly defeat Pravus.

  1. Concentration - peaceful calm of your inner nature to achieve the steps to enlightenment.

  2. Clarity - Clarity and concentration are the two virtues which are concerned with the development of inward calm and the path to enlightenment. It protects the mind from excitedness, into which it might fall since faith, vigor and wisdom may excite us;

  3. Focus – the minds ability to meditate with out distraction for long periods of time. [a trance like state but still being fully aware of your surroundings.] Focus opens your mind to your senses and enhances your sensations

  4. Vitality – Energy of the body and mind; It is an active force with in and by the use of focus is one able to achieve the path to enlightenment. Engergy by itself leads to excitement, and has to be controlled by a development of concentrated calm, of which are first learned in the path to enlightenment.

  5. Tranquility – is the state of bliss or joy, often comes naturally, though it may be skillfully cultivated as well. One way is by being kind and moral as it lessens the harsh patterns in the mind.

Practice: Followers of As' ar'asm Ram'ak fine tune their bodies through several practices to help achieve their belief in faith. By doing this and following the strict guidelines one is able to find the path to enlightenment.

  1. Exercise – body and mental exertion to help improve health by means of practice and training of repetitive actions;

  2. Dieting – Limiting of eating food to improve meditation, physique and to promote overall healthy growth of the body.

  3. Martial Science – A form of stylized meditative exercise used for self defense or combat that utilizes physical coordination with out the use of weapons; use of training to build discipline and repetition.

  4. Drill – to instruct and exercise in formation and movement for marching or martial science and ceremonies to enhance discipline or repetition.

  5. Education – The process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.

  6. History – Studying the past events to help shape the course of the future.

  7. Literary Arts – Expressive compositions written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautify imaginative or elevated thought;



Structure: grand master, master, instructor, student and disciple;

  1. Grandmaster or the Kwan Jang Nim

  2. Master or the Sifu

  3. Instructor or the Sa Bum Nim

  4. Student or the Simu

  5. Disciple or the Chon Ji

All who followers believe in the five precepts for secular life:

  1. Serve your lord with loyalty

  2. Serve your parents with filial piety

  3. Use good faith in your communication with friends

  4. face battle with out retreating

  5. when taking life, be selective